Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria to be in the Hello Tennis Academy?
Must have a grading of S8 or higher. There will be a few exceptions depending on your child’s tennis goals and attitude.

Can I choose which sessions my child attends?
Yes you may choose to be a part of any of the sessions as shown on our Programmes/Services page.

Is there an age limit?

How much does it cost?
It is free.

Why is it free?
We are trying to support the kids here in NZL as much as possible, so we felt that if we can provide a free academy that would remove any financial barriers by taking the financial weight off a lot of parents.

How many players per squad session?

There will be max 6 players per coach.

Does Hello Tennis do individual coaching?

Hello Tennis coaches are available for individual coaching at set rates. Enquire with a Hello Tennis coach for private lesson availability.

Does having an existing private coach outside the academy impact on my child’s eligibility for the academy?

No. Our intention isn’t to take over current coaching but to enhance their current skill sets and to increase their opportunities to play amongst other students who are of similar level. Creating a supportive and competitive environment.

Do you restring racquets?

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In this Q&A with Cameron Norrie, he shares his tennis journey and offers advice to young players considering joining Hello Tennis Academy.

  • First FREE academy in NZ

  • Competitive environment for juniors

  • Highly experienced team

  • Focus on Health & Wellbeing

  • Top training experience

  • Physical & Mental conditioning

  • Links with Pro Tennis players

  • Includes club membership

NZ’s First Free Tennis Academy!

If you have any questions, please contact us

To request to join Hello Tennis Academy, please go on to our sign-up page and fill in the form. We will be in touch to advise on your eligibility to join.